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A bunch of those ShadAmy fanbrats said that Shadow is similar to Vegeta, Amy to Bulma, and Silver to Trunks! WRONG ANSWER! I checked and compared the Sonic series to Dragon Ball, and it turns out that Amy is similar to CHICHI, not Bulma! And Silver is more like GOHAN! For those of you who don't know, Gohan is Goku's son. Besides, Bulma was NOT interested in Goku and never will! She was interested in YAMCA and Vegeta! Amy was interested in Sonic and Sonic is the main dude in the Sonic series, just like Goku is the main guy in Dragon Ball! Amy was NOT interested in Shadow at all in ANY romantic way! Come to think of it, I found out that the one similar to Bulma in the Sonic series is ROUGE! Rouge was interested in KNUCKLES and Shadow! And THAT might have mirrored Bulma's interest in Yamca and Vegeta! DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR!?!?!?!?!? I think I'm gonna explode in anger if this doesn't work to get through the fanbrats' thick skulls. I felt that at least SOMEONE had to say this! I hope someone agrees with me on this.

EDIT: I forgot ONE thing, Amy and Chichi can put up a fight themselves! Bulma and Sally (usually) can't even do that!

EDIT 2: Remember, this is NOT anti-Amy, nor anti-Shadow(I don't like him though, but not hate)! This is anti-ShadAmy ONLY!

EDIT 3: Please leave behind comments on what you think about this because I worked hard on this and I just would like to know if I'm not alone here on DA.

EDIT 4: To clear up a confusion made here, I was comparing Silver to ADULT Gohan, not kid Gohan. Sorry if I didn't make that clear to readers of this.


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